Wastewater Treatment

Waves Floating System and Ozone:

> Waves Floating System (floating islands): The constructed wetlands have been used as natural environments for the treatment of wastewaters.
The Waves Floating System growing popularity is due in part to the fact that the treatment system offers the advantages of a solution for the water decontamination with a passive process, natural, low-maintenance and very simple operation.

> Ozone: We can also sue ozone in the oxidation of compounds present in the wastewater, reducing chemicals consumption (coagulants, flocculants, etc.) helping to meet emission limits values (BOD5, COD, TSS and others) while reducing costs.

Waves Floating System

The Waves Floating System (floating islands) emerged as a natural evolution of the constructed wetlands, and have been studied in a variety of applications, such as improving water quality, habitat creation and treatment of different types of wastewater.


Ozone Wastewater Treatment

Ozone is presented as an oxidant and disinfectant of high capacity and can be integrated into existing equipment without major process changes.