Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools and Ozone Pools

> Natural Swimming Pools: They are designed to have a pool where you can swim in pure water without chemicals, in which water is purified through biological filters and plants, with total absence of chlorine.

> Ozone: With the use of ozone water is treated to achieve the microbiological quality and physicochemical standards required for the various pools (public and private, covered and uncovered) for sporting, recreational and therapeutic activities.

Natural Swimming Pools

Our Natural Swimming Pools allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden and keeping a natural oasis of tranquillity, assuring an environmental balance with the natural landscape.


Ozone Pools

In a simple, safe and economic way you can treat water from various sources (municipal, rain, rivers, boreholes, wells and others) getting water quality, crystalline, odourless and without harmful chlorinated by-products, improving health and well-being of the user.