Ozone Water Treatment

We develop water treatment solutions with the use of ozone, for various applications.

Water disinfection and potabilization:
- Grey water reuse for irrigation;
- Rainwater harvesting;
- Drinking fountains;
- Swimming Pools Water Treatment;
- Water treatment and disinfection for reservoirs and tanks.

Ozone solutions for the agricultural, livestock and food sectors:
- "CIP - Clean-in-place" for the food industry;
- Food disinfection;
- Hydroponics;
- Livestock Watering;
- Milk tanks washing water disinfection.

The water is treated with ozone, destroying / inactivating 99.9% of the dangerous bacteria (for example, coliforms, fecal coliforms and E. Coli), fungi, algae, viruses, hepatitis, influenza, Legionella and other microorganisms.

The water is treated in order to meet quality standards according to the end use and producing a drinking water with pleasant taste.

So in a simple, safe and economic way you can treat water from various sources (rain, rivers, boreholes, wells and others) getting potable water suitable for drinking.

The ozone equipment has a high capacity treatment and is compact, making it easy to place. They have low operating and maintenance costs.