Ozone Wastewater Treatment

We develop wastewater treatment solutions with the use of ozone, for various applications.

Ozone solutions for industries and others:
- DENIM bleaching with ozone;
- Colour removal of dyeing industry wastewater;
- Decrease in BOD5, COD, TSS and others in wastewater;
- Heat exchangers and cooling towers;
- Lakes, ponds and fountains water treatment.

Ozone solutions for removing odours:
- Removing wastewater odours.

One of the ozone uses is the oxidation of several compounds present in the wastewater (colour, BOD5, COD, TSS and others), reducing chemicals consumption (coagulants, flocculants, etc.) helping to meet emission limits values while reducing costs.

Ozone can be used to replace the traditional hypochlorite or potassium permanganate (PP) in the bleaching processes that serve to create the denim washing effects. Ozone is effective for bleaching any garment, and removal of back staining.

The ozone can be used to remove odours. Ozone is a highly reactive molecule that destroys molecules, bacteria and spores associated with bad smells.

Ozone is presented as an oxidant and disinfectant of high capacity and can be integrated into existing equipment without major process changes. The raw material for generating ozone is the oxygen and there is no formation of harmful by-products. Such treatment is efficient, simple, safe, and it presents low operating and maintenance costs.