Scope of our services:

- Engineering and consulting;
- Wastewater treatment using the Waves Floating System (floating islands);
- Air treatment system project and construction;
- Water and wastewater system project and construction;
- Water and wastewater systems management;
- Maintenance and spares parts;
- Natural or ozone swimming pools project and construction.


Engineering & Consulting

Our "Engineering & Consulting" services are based on the water cycle. We present new and innovative ideas in water and wastewater treatment processes.


Air Treatment

We offer solutions for the treatment of air with ozone, for the removal of persistent odors and that cause high discomfort.


Wastewater Treatment

> Waves Floating System (floating islands): The constructed wetlands have been used as natural environments for the treatment of wastewaters.
The Waves Floating System growing popularity is due in part to the fact that the treatment system offers the advantages of a solution for the water decontamination with a passive process, natural, low-maintenance and very simple operation.

> Ozone: We can also sue ozone in the oxidation of compounds present in the wastewater, reducing chemicals consumption (coagulants, flocculants, etc.) helping to meet emission limits values (BOD5, COD, TSS and others) while reducing costs.


Water Treatment

> Ultrasounds: With the use of ultrasonic technology we can control the algae growth in ponds located in golf courses, public parks and also in irrigation reservoirs.

> Ozone: The use of ozone is a simple, safe and economic way you can treat water from various sources (rain, rivers, boreholes, wells and others) getting potable water suitable for drinking.


Swimming Pools

> Natural Swimming Pools: They are designed to have a pool where you can swim in pure water without chemicals, in which water is purified through biological filters and plants, with total absence of chlorine.

> Ozone: With the use of ozone water is treated to achieve the microbiological quality and physicochemical standards required for the various pools (public and private, covered and uncovered) for sporting, recreational and therapeutic activities.


Management & Maintenance

We provide management services for water and wastewater treatment plants, also we do the maintenance of the equipment and supply of original or equivalent spare parts.