Engineering & Consulting

We present new ideas and innovative solutions in air treatment, in water treatment and and wastewater treatment.

Our main focus is to use innovative solutions and adjust them to the client needs in any country.

- Elimination of bad odors;
- Eliminating the effect of allergens;
- Resolution of the mold problem.

- Control the algae growth;
- Grey water reuse for irrigation;
- Water disinfection and potabilization;
- Rainwater harvesting;
- "CIP - Clean-in-place" for the food industry;
- Hydroponics;
- Livestock Watering;
- Milk tanks washing water disinfection.

- Waves Floating System - wastewater treatment with an innovative evolution of the constructed wetlands.

Solutions for industrial wastewater and others:
- DENIM bleaching with ozone;
- Colour removal of dyeing industry wastewater;
- Decrease in BOD5, COD, TSS and others in wastewater;
- Heat exchangers and cooling towers;
- Lakes, ponds and fountains water treatment.